Speech Pathology

There is no one alive who is youer than you.”
Dr Seuss

What is a speech pathology?

A Speech-Language Pathologist is an allied health professional that is educated to assess, and provide therapy to people who have communication difficulties. Speech Pathologists encompass all aspects of communication including verbal, writing, reading, signs, symbols, gestures and body language. Communication difficulties in children, adolescents and adults can present as speech sound difficulties, expressive (expressing) or receptive (understanding) language difficulties, voice impairments, fluency difficulties (stuttering), feeding and/or swallowing difficulties, literacy and/or learning difficulties, difficulties with social skills, and use of multimodal communication.


Speech –Language Pathologists use formal (standardised) and informal (observational) assessments to identify the presence or absence of difficulties with:

  • Age appropriate use of speech sounds;
  • Developmentally appropriate use and understanding of language;
  • Phonological awareness;
  • Literacy development (reading and writing);
  • Social skill development;
  • Fluency disorders;
  • Voice quality;
  • Feeding difficulties;
  • Use of multimodal communication devices.


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